Firewall and VPN Services for Dedicated Servers, Colocation, and Cloud Servers

CeraNet recommends Cisco’s hardware firewalls to protect your servers and data.  Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances (ASA) offer intelligent threat defense and secure communications services that stop attacks before they impact business continuity. These hardware firewall devices enable CeraNet to offer a comprehensive security at an economical cost.

CeraNet implements Managed Firewall Services for the following reasons:                                            ASA_5506-X

Prevent unauthorized access to your server.

Managed firewall services can block unauthorized sign in attempts on your server protecting your data from hackers and intrusion attempts.

Prevent unauthorized data export.

Managed firewall services can regulate the data that flows from your server to the Internet. This means that if an unauthorized user(s) does gain access to your server, the managed firewall service can restrict what information gets out without your knowledge.

Prevent access to specific services.

Managed firewall services are normally set to block services, specific communication ports, and dictate which applications are able to send or to receive data over the Internet.

Provide a detailed audit trail and log activity.

Our managed firewall services can be configured to generate automatic reporting on access and data transmissions.  Audit trails are required for many regulatory restrictions (HIPAA, PCI, Government Network Security Regulations, etc.) and store critical information on security threats and vulnerabilities.

Provide network masking and to hide multiple servers.

Managed firewall services include Network Address Translation (NAT), to map the “hidden” internal server IP addresses to a single public IP address.  This helps to drastically reduce visibility of your servers and data from potential hackers.

Provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) access.

CeraNet offers secure virtual private network system access for server management as part of our managed firewall services.  This enables you to securely communicate with your servers through industry leading encryption over the Internet.

Cisco ASA

Max Throughput 150+ Mbps
Site-To-Site VPN  Provided on a per-context basis, providing better segmentation between departments or between customers
Optional Additional Licensing Available for additional users, security, and flexibility
Enabled Fail-Over Requires Cisco ASA 5510 or higher, two devices, we keep extra hardware on hand
Management Initial setup + config help, web interface for customer to make changes in the future, documentation, additional support available
Dedicated Available
– Unmanaged with documentation, email support
– Use AnyConnect for end-user secure VPN access
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Optional Managed Service:
– Managed for changes, phone + email support (1 hr per month)
– Use AnyConnect for end-user secure VPN access
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Optional Fully Managed Service:
– User setup & unlimited business hours support
– Use AnyConnect for end-user secure VPN access, point to point, AnyConnect Mobile
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Initial setup is for server management access. CeraNet can offer other managed firewall devices as needed and end-user setup / config for secure access using the VPN, special compliance configuration, and other services as needed.

Please contact us with your requirements for a detailed quote.