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Hosting Services

CeraNet offers shared & dedicated server hosting to meet the needs of individuals and organizations around the world. From websites, to email, to confidential databases & everything in between, our experts help pinpoint the perfect data center solution for you.

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Hybrid PLUS

CeraNet offers a hybrid option to establish the best data protection and storage plan for our clients. Design your own hybrid environment by combining a variety of private & public hosting options. Colocated equipment, dedicated servers & hosting applications are integrated to deliver a custom data hosting solution through a single, intuitive control panel.


Cloud Services

Cloud computing is the revolutionary, cost-effective method of safely storing data in the “cloud” – or simply “on the Internet.” CeraNet offers both private and public cloud storage to help safeguard client information at all times. Get started immediately with growth in mind by partnering with CeraNet for your cloud computing solutions.




Colocation Hosting Servers

We offer colocation service options for clients seeking a higher level of data protection through the use of their own equipment. CeraNet helps clients nationwide achieve maximum efficiency with increased security by hosting colocation servers at our state-of-the-art data center, located in Columbus, Ohio – far from natural disasters.


Dedicated: Dedicated solely for your organization

Need additional layers of security & 100% control over all resources? With Dedicated Hosting, one server, or group of servers, is dedicated solely to your organization. Dedicated hosting is perfect for organizations who don’t own their own hardware, but need to establish or expand a data center.




Shared : Shared among a few organizations

With Shared Hosting, a single server or group of servers is shared among a few organizations. Shared hosting is perfect for small organizations who want to host websites, email and more, but have limited budgets. Shared hosting is the most economical of all the plans, yet still offers phenomenal support and service from CeraNet’s reliable and dependable data center.


SSL Certificates

SSL certificates provide businesses and consumers with the confidence that sensitive and private data is secure and confidential. CeraNet offers a variety of certificate options, each providing enhanced encryption & greater levels of security, successfully protecting your sensitive data from potential breach.


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