How Cloud Computing Saves Money

The cloud’s ability to save you money doesn’t end with decreased IT spending. It will make your business more agile, reliable and, most importantly, competitive. Using CeraNet Cloud Computing Services, you can deploy software and products more quickly, while responding to market opportunities globally in a fraction of the time required today.

Only Pay for What You Use

Cloud computing solutions enable you to pay for what you use, as you use it. Moving your applications and server workloads to our cloud platform allows your IT staff to instantly add, remove or reallocate computing resources based on the immediate needs of any system.

Eliminate Wasted Investment

When business initiatives change, you’re not stuck with old, outdated hardware and infrastructure. Instantly turn off services you no longer need or move to an infrastructure that aligns with your organization’s new goals.

Decrease IT Management Costs

IT Departments are tasked with an ongoing list of tasks, from procuring hardware and scaling infrastructure to deploying software and providing support. All of these tasks run much faster and easier in the cloud environment, and some are eliminated entirely.

Reduce Infrastructure Expenses

Using cloud servers means you no longer need to invest in expensive dedicated servers, routers, firewalls, switches and all of the necessary redundant data center infrastructure to run your IT systems. With zero initial capital expenditures, you can enjoy virtually unlimited resources that can be changed as your business needs change.

Reduce Facility Costs

Fewer servers mean a smaller data center, or no data center at all. That translates to direct savings on real estate, power, cooling and facility security and maintenance.

Built-in Business Continuity

CeraNet’s cloud solutions offer data back-up and disaster recovery options, without the expense of investing in back-up hardware or structures.

For more information on how cloud computing can save your organization on overhead costs, contact us today.