Health Information Technology & HIPAA Compliant Hosting

Keep electronic personal health information safe and secure with CeraNet’s HIPAA-Enabled Hosting Solution.

When it comes down to it, standard data center hosting agreements and software firewalls aren’t enough – you’ll need more to meet federal regulations. CeraNet offers a secure & reliable infrastructure using intelligent threat defense and advanced malware protection based on next-generation encryption standards. CeraNet works with clients and signs a HIPAA BAA, Business Associates Agreements, for the services you get want us to provide, so you can rest assured knowing medical records are protected to the highest security levels possible within your agreement.   We give you the option of CeraNet running the systems, you can run them, or we can have combined efforts.


HIPAA Compliant Cloud Services, Hosting, Email & More

Hosting services to meet or exceed HIPAA Security and HIPAA Privacy Rules for HIPAA-enabled solutions.

Custom System Design

Custom system design, consulting and implementation available using secure cloud servers, dedicated servers, colocated equipment or CeraNet’s Hybrid PLUS solution.

BAA Compliance & Protection

HIPAA Business Associates Agreements (HIPAA BAA) guarantee that hosting meets HIPAA guidelines and electronic Personal Health Information (PHI) is protected.  We sign a BAA for the services you want us to provide giving you the documentation you need to have a compliant solution.

Blazing Fast Communication Speeds

Optimized computing performance – no sharing of bandwidth, memory or hard drives and servers aren’t congested with demands from other clients.

Recurring Security Audits

Recurring audits ensure that data center security standards continue to meet regulations.

Secure Networking & Malware Protection

24/7/365 monitoring and multiple layers of physical and network security with intelligent threat defense and advanced malware protection.

Reliable Backup & Disaster Recovery Options

Encrypted data backup and disaster recovery services designed specifically for HIPAA compliant solutions – production systems and data backups are protected.

The Added-Value of CeraNet’s HIPAA Compliant Solutions

  • Reliable & Dependable: 100% uptime guarantee and redundancy built-in at every turn to protect
  • Phenomenal Support: 24/7/365 live technical support by phone, email or web
  • US-Based Data Centers: Data centers are located in Columbus, Ohio, far away from earthquakes and hurricanes.


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HIPAA Compliance Checklist

Our hosting services meet or exceed all HIPAA regulations. New to compliance? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act defines standards that your organization, personnel, applications and systems must meet to protect information. We can help you understand how our hosting options support your securely-designed applications and organizational processes to meet HIPAA requirements.


  • Security Management Process: Analyze security risks and develop policies to prevent and mitigate the impacts of risks, including to your information system.
  • Assigned Security Responsibility: Identify a specific official responsible for developing and implementing security policies.
  • Workforce Security: Authorize and supervise personnel access to electronic protected health information and prevent unauthorized access by other organization personnel.
  • Information Access Management: Ensure that personnel, including third party agencies, can only access the electronic personal health information appropriate to their roles.
  • Security Awareness and Training: Implement a security awareness and training program for all personnel.
  • Security Incident Procedures: Create and implement a plan to detect and manage security incidents.
  • Contingency Plan: Create and implement a disaster recovery plan in the event of an emergency, including data backups, data recovery and procedure for emergency operations.
  • Evaluation: Perform periodic technical and nontechnical evaluations.
  • Business Associate Contracts: Ensure that any third party contractors or organizations will sign agreements to safeguard electronic personal health information in accordance with HIPAA procedures.


  • Facility Access Controls: Limit physical access to electronic information systems and facilities to only authorized personnel.
  • Workstation Use: Identify functions to be performed at workstations and provide guidelines for how those workstations will operate.
  • Workstation Security: Implement physical safeguards for workstations to restrict access to authorized users.
  • Device and Media Controls: Ensure that media containing electronic personal health information is protected as it is received and moved into and out of facilities.


  • Access Control: Maintain information systems to ensure that only authorized personnel can access electronic personal health information.
  • Audit Controls: Develop and implement hardware, software, and procedures to monitor and evaluate systems containing electronic protected health information.
  • Integrity: Protect electronic protected health information from improper alteration or destruction.
  • Person or Entity Authentication: Authenticate individuals seeking to access electronic personal health information to verify their identity.
  • Transmission Security: Ensure that electronic personal health information is protected as it is transmitted over both public and private networks.


  • Implement reasonable and appropriate policies and procedures to comply with the standards, implementation specifications or other requirements.

This is not an exhaustive checklist of all requirements; rather an introduction to federal regulations. To learn more HIPAA regulations, visit U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

For those looking for even more specifics regarding HIPAA compliance & digital information security regulations, you can learn more about CeraNet’s Data Center or contact us today!