Big Data Solutions To Power Your Business.

CeraNet can help you discover the power of BIG Data.   We build and maintain the infrastructure, network, servers, and help you get everything setup.   You run your business intelligence applications (commonly called ‘analytics’) on data that you own and build.   It’s that easy.

Here are a couple examples of business that choose CeraNet:

Organization that compiles and processes information on millions of expected mothers and their babies.   Provides marketing opportunities for multiple product lines and services for a extremely valuable subset of consumers.   Expecting mothers potentially receive information everything from vitamins to nursery furniture, once the babies arrive they get diaper samples to baby insurance offers, then as the children get older they send periodic advertisements for everything from pre-schools in your area to 529 college savings plans.

A corporation that provides analysis and reporting on songs for musicians, recording labels, radio stations, and advertisers.  Ever get a call from a polling agency asking you to listen to a song clip and tell them if you love it, like it, or hate it?   That same question is asked thousands of times online, via the phone, through a contest, or app on your iPhone.   The data is used to provide feedback to the artist, label, and station to tell them what works and what needs to be changed.   It can also tell them how to build value through playing popular tunes that everyone wants to listen to OR drive the next hit single from a particular artist.

A company that provides a customized cloud based CRM solution to hundreds of organizations, hundreds of thousands of users, and hundreds of millions of data points.  Their customer relationship management (CRM) solution is extremely valuable.  It stores and processes an organizations’ most valuable asset — their customer information.  They are critical for organizations to track prospects through the purchasing process and support customers throughout their life-cycle.