Stop paying more and more for the same resources – colo your equipment with CeraNet for 99.95 per server, per month including everything you need.   We’ll help you get it setup and are available 24/7/365.

Cloud servers for a fraction of the costs of AWS, AZure, or Google Cloud.   No charges per CPU cycle or file transfers.  One low rate that covers everything.

CeraNet real customer cost examples!

  • Single server data center colo – one (1) 1u server used for remote access to files services and Quickbooks – $99.95 per month and less based on payment terms – includes everything you need to get up and running quick and easy.  Now your entire office can work from home as needed.
  • Equipment Colo in Columbus Data Center – firewall, switch, and 4 x 1u servers – $389 per month / zero initial setup costs – includes infrastructure, power, 100mbps port bandwidth – everything needed.
  • 1/2 rack Ohio Colocation – 12u space with 4 x 2u servers, 1x 1u server, 3 x external NAS drives, switch all with 2 power supplies that run off separate circuits and ups for redundancy – $575 RMC with no setup and we included 8 hours of technical services help to get them up and running
  • Cloud based system with custom firewall setup, private network w vpn access, 2 app servers, 1 database server with 1.5tb data, and file / customer app data server – $850 per month with 24/7/365 dedicated support team, no ‘variable’ costs so they know their costs exactly going forward.   Includes nightly backup services and help with setup and config.

Combine colo and cloud!   Attach your storage to our processing.