Migrate & Save Enterprise Program

Learn More about our Enterprise Data Center Migrate & Save Program.

Many companies and small businesses run their technology and server platforms in house.  Why?  If you are not in the server business, don’t buy servers.  If you are not in the data center business, do not build a data center.   The cost of offering a high-availability solution with redundant internet connections, utility power feeds with generators and UPS, cooling, staffing, infrastructure maintenance, is never ending.

We’ve been working hard to find innovative ways to help enterprise clients do more with less.   One program is our data center migration plan.   We will help you plan and implement a faster and easier way to upgrade your technology using our proven ROADMAP to success!  CeraNet offers several great opportunities for you to use the latest and greatest technology, setup and maintained by experienced engineers, consulting and support from proven professional services experts, with redundancy and all of the features you are looking for at a fraction of the cost.   You only pay for what you use without all of the overhead expense of underutilized equipment and full time resources that are only there to turn the lights on!

After we get your systems running more efficiently, we help you clear out the old equipment so you can use the space. Don’t need more office space? We’ll help you lease the existing data center and transform an expense into revenue for your organization.

We can also fund the solution with grants and incentives from utility companies and our Green Data Center awards.

For more information regarding the CeraNet Migrate & Save Enterprise program, contact us today.